Program Schedule

September 25, 2018
Time Activity Room
08.00 – 08.20 Registration Ballroom
08.20 – 09.00 Opening Ceremony Ballroom
Indonesia Raya Anthem
Welcome Word by Drs. Gunawan Setyo Prabowo, M.T.
Head of LAPAN Aeronautics Technology Center
Official Address by Prof. Dr. Thomas Djamaluddin
Head of National Institute of Aeronautics and Space of Republic Indonesia
09.00 – 10.30 Keynote Addresses 1 Ballroom
R&D Policies to Support Aerospace Industries
Prof. H. Mohamad Nasir, Ph.D
Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education – Indonesia
R&D Absorption in Indonesian Industries
Ir. Airlangga Hartanto, MBA
Ministry of Industry – Indonesia
BUMN Business Policy in Aerospace Industry
Rini Soemarno
Ministry of BUMN – Indonesia
Policy to Face The Future Pattern in Air Transport
Ir. Budi Karya Sumadi
Ministry of Transport – Indonesia
10.30 – 11.00 Break and Photo Session Ballroom
11.00 – 12.15 Panel Discussion Session 1 : Defining The Roles of Indonesian Aerospace Industry in Making Indonesia 4.0 Ballroom
The Vision of LAPAN in Developing Indonesian Aerospace Industry Mrs. Rika Adrianti/Mr. Agus Aribowo
Head of Program N219 LAPAN
New Paradigm on Indonesian Aerospace Industries by Mr. Elfien Goentoro
President Director of PT DI
Governmental Policies in Supporting Aerospace Small & Medium Enterprises by Mr. Harjanto
Director General for Metal, Transportation Equipment and Electronics Industry, Ministry of Industry
The role of Ministry of Transportation in Supporting Local Aerospace Industries to Comply The Regulations by Mr. Agus Santoso
Director General for Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transportation
12.15 - 13.15 Lunch Restaurant
13.15 - 14.20 Seminar Session 1A Room 1
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle application for oil palm harvest prediction
Jupriyanto, R O Bura, S W Apriyani, K Ariwibawa, and E Adharian
External reset system prediction time of LAPAN satellite using IC 4536 programmable timer circuit
Adelia Revani Sastaviyana and Aditya Bayu Erwindu
Simulation of Satellite Attitude Control using Single Gimbal Control Moment Gyro (SGCMG) System
I A Courie, Y I Jenie, and R E Poetro
Performance Analysis of LAPAN-A3 Data Acquisition Using X-band Receiver at Rancabungur Ground Station
Patria Rachman Hakim, S.T., M.T & Satriya Utama
Hardware Design and Implementation of Digital Payload Data Receiver of LAPAN-A2 Satellite
R Hartono, DE.Amin, R.Permala, and R.Yatim
13.15 - 14.20 Seminar Session 1B Room 2
Aerodynamics characteristics of glider GL-1 based on computational fluid dynamics
Ema Amalia, M A Moelyadi, R Julistina dan C A Putra
Noise prediction on the Design of optimized Fan by Numerical Simulation
Effect of Applying Screen and Honeycomb to the Flow Characteristic in Wind Tunnel Based on CFD Simulation
Putra Adnan Fadilah, Dadang Furqon Erawan
Assessment of Static Aerodynamic Stability Bridge with Computational and Experimental Method
Takeoff analysis of amphibious aircraft with implementation of a hydrofoil
Arjit Seth and Rhea Liem
14.20 - 15.25 Seminar Session 2A Room 1
Multi Systems for Switch-On the Flare of TWM Rocket
Effendi Dodi A
Preliminary Design Of Communication And Power Subsystem For Micro-Satellite With Maritime Surveilance Mission
Starida Moranova, Ridanto Eko Poetro, and Robertus H Triharjanto
Analysis Of Battery Charging In Development BMS For Solar UAV Application
Nurul Chasanah, Dewi Anggraeni, Adi Wirawan
Development of Small Satellite for X-Band Compact Synthetic Aperture Radar
K Hirako, S Shirasaka, T Obata, S Nakasuka, H Saito, S Nakamura
Correlation of Hardware in the Loop Simulation (HILS) and Real Control Vehicle Flight Test for Reducing Flight Failures
Herma Yudhi Irwanto, Endro Artono
14.20 - 15.25 Seminar Session 2B Room 2
Stiffened Panel Structural Optimization on Wing Skin of “WHALE” Aircraft with Local and Global Buckling Criteria
Muhammad Ikhsan, Muhammad Ikhsan, Hendri Syamsudin, Muhammad Giri Suada
Uncertain Mesoscopic Parameters in Dry Woven Fabric with Gaussian Emulation Machine for Sensitivity Analysis (GEM-SA)
Ilyani Akmar Abu Bakar and Mohd Khairul Kamaruddin
Effect of Layer Thickness on Flexural Properties of PLA (PolyLactid Acid) by 3D printing
Afid Nugroho, Riki Ardiansyah, Lathifa Rusita and Intan Luruh Larasati
A Comparison Process Between Hand Lay-Up, Vacuum Infusion and Vacuum Bagging Method Toward E-Glass EW 185/Lycal Composites
K Abdurohman, T Satrio, N L Muzayadah, Teten
Effect Of Tire Pressure And Rubber Damper Stiffness To Reduce Ground Reaction Load Factor On Main Landing Gear Using Multi-Body Simulation (MBS) Rigid Model
J Istiyanto, D Hidayat, A Marta, and D A Sumarsono
15.25 - 15.55 Break
15.55 - 16.50 Seminar Session 3A Room 1
Design of reflector microstrip patch antenna for Lapan surveillance uav (LSU) Application
Yanuar Prabowo, Nurul Chasanah, Ahmad Nugroho Jati
Development of Star Image Simulator for Star Sensor Algorithm Validation
Nugraha Setya Ardi, Ridanto Eko Poetro, Luqman Fathurrohim
Optical Window design for MWIR Camera
A M Tahir, I Priyanto, B Arifin and M. Soedjarwo
Design and implementation of low cost thrust benchmarking system (TBS) in application for small scale electric UAV propeller characterization
Rhenetou Virginio, Faishal Azzamy Fuad, Muhammad Jihadil, Mileniawan Januar Ramadhani, Muhammad Rafie, Rafael Stevenson and Widyawardana Adiprawita
15.55 - 16.50 Seminar Session 3B Room 2
Performance Evaluation Of Proportional Navigation Methode During Target Pursuit With Disturbance
Bagus Wicaksono, Abdul Halim, Kurdianto
Comparison of Black-Grey-White Box Approach in System Identification of a Flight Vehicle
Larasmoyo Nugroho, Rini Akmeliawati
Preliminary Design of Redundancy Management for LSA -02 Automatic Flight Control System
Fuad Surastyo Pranoto dan Adi Wirawan
Longitudinal Flight Control Laws for High Aspect Ratio Light Utility Aircraft
Sayr Bahri
16.50 - 19.00 Break
19.00 – 21.00 Gala Dinner (By Invitation) Restaurant
September 26, 2018
Time Activity Room
07.30 – 08.30 Registration Ballroom
08.30 – 10.00 Keynote Addresses 2 with Q&A Ballroom
Aircraft Production & Marketing Network
Bram Djermani
IAEC/Aerospace Lean Expert IDTNS - USA
Indonesian Rocket Propellan Research
Prof. Heri Budi Wibowo
Rocket Technology Center, National Institute of Aeronautics and Space of Republic Indonesia
Aerospace Testing
Prof. Marc Lesturgie
Onera – France
The Future of Flight
Mr. Cyrille Schwob
Asia-Pacific Head of Technology, Airbus
10.00 - 10.30 Break and Photo Session Ballroom
10.30 – 12.00 Panel Discussion Session 2 : Reshaping The Indonesian Aerospace Ecosystem Ballroom
PTDI as Mentor of Small & Medium Enterprises to Compete in The Global Aerospace Market by Mr. Elfien Goentoro
President Director of PT DI
Building Engineering Capabilities to Penetrate Global Aerospace Market by Mr. Hari Tjahjono
Representative of IAEC
Roadmap of Indonesian Aerospace Industry Development by Mr. Andi Alisjahbana
Representative of INACOM
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch Ballroom
13.00 – 14.05 Seminar Session 4 Ballroom
Prediction of static stability in tandem wing unmanned aerial vehicle
Tobias S. Sugandi, Nathan, Sofia K. Subrata and Dr. Ing. Mochmammad Agoes Moelyad
Small Centrifugal Compressor Performance Trend Prediction Based on Computational Fluid Dynamic
Putra adnan, dadang furqon e
Design, Manufacture and Flight Test of an Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) Powered Cruise Missile
Gesang Nugroho, Muhammad Agung Bramantya, Muhammad Abdul Ghani, Sasannaditya Surya Wang and Yosua Ari Kurniawan
Tapered three-stage deployable tensegrity model
C L Oh, K K Choong, T Nishimura, J Y Kim and M R Zain
Simulation on fuel consumption reduction of an urban concept car for energy-efficient competition
M R Siregar , H Kawai and H Ambarita
14.05 – 15.00 Seminar Session 5 Ballroom
Two-Dimensional Profiles Of Microvoids On Hardness Of Bulk Htpb-Based Polyurethane
Afni Restasari, Luthfia Hajar Abdillah, Rika Suwana Budi dan Kendra Hartaya
An Empirical Method for the Catapult Performance Assessment of the BPPT Developed UAVs
Jemie Muliadi
The Development of Operational Concept and Design Requirements and Objectives (DRO) of Medical Transport Drone in Liukang Tangaya Archipelago
I Safi’i, A Fariz, M F Rahman, O Arifianto, R A Sasongko, and Y I Jenie
Preliminary Design of a Liquid Propellant Engine for a Reusable Sounding Rocket
Y I Jenie, A C Asyari and R E Poetro
15.00 – 15.30 Break
15.30 – 16.45 Seminar Session 6 Ballroom
Comparison of rain attenuation estimation in high frequency in Indonesia region for LAPAN communication satellite
N Fadilah, R Pratama
Unmanned multipurpose evolutionary lunar polar sample return architecture: Rhabdomancer
Gheosananda Wijaya, et.all
Checkerboard Test Implementation into Ionospheric Tomography for SuGAr data
S Supriadi, D Darmawan and R Septiawan
Impact of Indian Ocean Dipole and El Niño Event to Monsoon’s Rainfall Variability over Java Island when Both Event is Located along Neutral Position
Eddy Hermawan
Utilization of TMRR 3B43 Data for Determination the Rainfall Response in West Nusa Tenggara to ENSO Phenomenon
Amalia Nurlatifah , Eka Putri Wulandari
16.35 – 16.45 Recommendation and Closing Ceremony Ballroom
Dr. Rika Andiarti
Deputy of Aeronautics and Space Technology, LAPAN
16.45 – 16.50 Photo session Ballroom